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Midwest High School SIG Conference--Leading Successful High School Turnarounds: Learning from Research and Practice.

Agenda: Day 1 – PM

Wednesday, May 18

12:00 pm -
1:15 pm

Optimizing Teaching and Learning: Setting the Stage

Lunch and Keynote Address

Alexa Posny, Ph.D., will discuss the importance of optimizing teaching and learning opportunities for all students and will share examples of special education instructional strategies and techniques that can be useful for ensuring success for every high school student.

  • Alexa Posny
    Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S. Department of Education
  • Presentation audio (36 min. | 8 MB)*
1:15 pm -
1:30 pm
Break and Move to Topic Discussion Groups
1:30 pm -
3:00 pm

Optimizing Teaching and Learning

This round of breakout sessions focuses on optimizing teaching and learning opportunities at the classroom and high school levels.

a. Promoting Adolescent Literacy at the High School Level

Research targeting the literacy skills of adolescent struggling students is still emerging, but state, district, and school leaders are motivated to improve the literacy skills of older students and need materials and supports that link the available research to improved teacher practice. This interactive session is designed with that need in mind.

  • Debby Houston Miller
    Deputy Director of Literacy, Center on Instruction, Florida State University
  • Peggy Simon
    Senior Research Associate, RMC Research Corporation; Content Lead, Doing What Works Project
  • Moderator: Helen Duffy
    Technical Assistance Liaison and High School Literacy Team Leader, National High School Center
Presentation: Handouts: b. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports for High Schools
Many high schools recognize the need to implement positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) in the school as a way to determine how to best support students academically. In this session, presenters will first explain the PBIS framework and will then share their experiences in implementing PBIS in several high schools in Illinois.

  • Ami Flammini
    Technical Assistance Director, Illinois PBIS Network
  • Larry Irvin
    Principal, Edwin G. Foreman High School (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Moderator: Lou Danielson
    Senior Advisor, National Center on Response to Intervention and National High School Center
Presentation: c. Early Warning Systems for Dropout Prevention
States, districts, and high schools are increasingly interested in using early warning systems to identify students who are at risk for dropping out of high school. Informed by research, early warning systems use readily available student data, such as poor attendance or course failures, to flag at-risk students. Presenters will share the research-based elements of an effective early warning system, experiences about using early warning systems in Virginia, and a demonstration of the National High School Center’s free early warning system software.

  • Lindsay Fryer
    Research Associate, National High School Center
  • Julia Gwynne
    Senior Research Analyst, Consortium on Chicago School Research
  • Kathleen Smith
    Director, Office of School Improvement, Virginia Department of Education
  • Moderator: Susan Therriault
    Technical Assistance Liaison and Collaborative Projects Coordinator, National High School Center
Presentations: Handouts: d. Formative Assessment at the High School Level
This session will examine effective formative assessment practices at the high school level and discuss the knowledge and skills needed to implement formative assessment. It also will provide an overview of the high school components of the new common assessment collaborative.

  • Alexandra Pardo
    Academic Director, Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter High School (Washington, D.C.)
  • Stanley Rabinowitz
    Director, Assessment and Accountability Comprehensive Center
  • Moderator: Nick Pinchok
    Illinois State Manager, Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center
Presentations: Handouts: e. High School English Language Learners
This session will focus on supporting English language learners in high school classrooms. Presenters will share research behind literacy development in English language learners as well as practices, supports, and interventions that have proven successful in schools.

  • Diane August
    Senior Research Scientist, Center for Applied Linguistics
  • Ana Diaz-Booz
    Principal, School of International Business, Kearny High School Complex (San Diego, California)
  • Mabel Rivera
    Deputy Director, English Language Learning, Center on Instruction
  • Moderator: Libia Gil
    Senior Advisor, National High School Center
Presentations: Handouts:
3:00 pm -
3:15 pm
Break and Move to District/State Team and Other Stakeholder Meetings
3:15 pm -
4:30 pm

District/State Team and Other Stakeholder Meetings

During this time, state teams and other stakeholder groups will have time to meet together for joint planning and facilitated discussions of the previous sessions.

4:30 pm -
6:00 pm

Meet and Greet Reception (Resource Displays)

This reception will enable participants to informally meet and talk with other participants and to view resources and presentations by technical assistance providers that can provide high school improvement resources. Some of the suggested resources may be found under each provider's name on the About page of the website.

* Transcripts of presentation audio are available upon request.