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Midwest High School SIG Conference--Leading Successful High School Turnarounds: Learning from Research and Practice.

Agenda: Day 2 – AM

Thursday, May 19

7:30 am -
8:30 am

Breakfast Sessions: Discussions With U.S. Department of Education and Experts; Role-Alike Sessions

  • Carlas McCauley
    Education Program Specialist, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, U.S. Department of Education
8:30 am -
8:45 am

Reflections on Day 1 and Plans for Day 2

  • Linda Miller
    Director, Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center
8:45 am -
9:30 am

Tackling the Universal Challenges of Recruitment, Retention, and Leadership Development for High Schools

This session will focus on some the universal challenges that high schools face in recruiting, retaining, and building the leadership capacity of high school principals and teachers.

  • Sabrina Laine
    Director, National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality
  • Mike Feinberg
    Co-Founder, KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) Foundation
9:30 am -
10:00 am

Break and Move to Topic Discussion Groups
Hotel Checkout and/or Arrange Plans for Team Meetings Later in the Day

10:00 am -
11:30 am

Effective High School Teachers and Leaders

This round of breakout sessions focuses on various components of effective leadership and teaching at the high school level.

a. High School Distributed Leadership
This interactive session focuses on practical ways to distribute instructional leadership tasks in high schools so that support, planning, and oversight are not the sole task of the principal. Presenters will discuss the changing roles of principals and chairpersons, the roles departments play, and administrative structures in the schools.

  • Paul Bredeson
    Professor, School of Education, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Carolyn Kelley
    Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin
  • Moderator: Melissa Brown-Sims
    Researcher, National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality
Presentation: Handouts: b. Assessing Principal Effectiveness: Designing Leader Evaluations
Principal performance assessment is an integral part of school improvement and accountability efforts. How should new performance assessments be designed? What are the critical elements of a principal performance assessment system? This session will provide a framework for thinking about and designing principal performance assessment as part of a comprehensive human capital management strategy. Pittsburgh Public Schools’ ongoing work to evaluate and support principals will be discussed in depth as well as research on performance assessment design.

  • Alyssa Ford-Heywood
    Project Manager, Pittsburgh Principal Incentive Program, Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Steve Kimball
    Assistant Scientist, Wisconsin Center for Education Research
  • Moderator: Matt Clifford
    Senior Researcher, National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality
Presentation: Handouts: c. Job-Embedded Professional Development: Cultivating Communities of Practice
This session will describe the characteristics of high-quality job-embedded professional development. It will illustrate how communities of practice, professional learning communities, and other forms of job-embedded professional development can be designed, implemented, and sustained in order to improve educator effectiveness and student learning. The discussion will focus on successes, challenges, supports, and solutions to real-time issues of practice.

  • Moderator: Jenni Fetters
    Research and Policy Associate, National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality
Presentation: Handouts: d. Building Your Bench: Preparing Future Leaders Through Partnership
Improving high school performance requires efforts by many instructional leaders, working together. How prepared is your staff to lead change? Do you have enough leadership capacity to continue change efforts should some of your school leadership team members leave? This interactive session will provide practical ideas and examples on how your school can prepare educators to lead and build leadership capacity in your building through partnerships with universities, colleges, and other agencies.

  • Steve Tozer
    Professor and Coordinator, Program in Urban Education Leadership, University of Illinois
  • Moderator: Sara Wraight
    Senior Policy Analyst, REL Midwest
Presentation: Handouts: e. Assessing Teacher Effectiveness in High Schools
This session will describe teacher effectiveness measures for the high school context, with implementation case studies from state and school practitioners. Panelists will guide participants through a diagnostic of current practices at their district or school, with ample time for discussion.

  • Dale Chu
    Assistant Superintendent for Policy, Legal and Communications Operations, Indiana Department of Education
  • Sheri Leo
    Senior Technical Assistance Consultant, American Institutes for Research
  • Moderator: Jayne Sowers
    District and School Improvement Lead, Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center
Presentation: Handouts:
11:30 am -
11:45 am

Break and Move to Plenary Session

*Transcripts of presentation audio are available upon request.