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About the National High School Center

About Our Subcontractors

American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF)

The American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF), a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional development organization, provides learning opportunities for policy leaders, practitioners and researchers working on youth and education issues at the national, state, and local levels. It’s mission is to broaden the awareness and understanding of policymakers and to strengthen the youth policymaking process by bridging policy, practice, and research.

Education Policy Improvement Center (EPIC)

The Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) provides research and tools to empower states, districts, schools, and teachers to prepare students for success beyond high school. Founded by Dr. David T. Conley, EPIC's mission is to improve educational policy and practices that will increase student success, particularly for students historically underserved by public schools.

Consortium on Chicago School Research

The Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR) at the University of Chicago conducts research of high technical quality that can inform and assess policy and practice in the Chicago Public Schools. CCSR seeks to expand communication among researchers, policy makers, and practitioners as it supports the search for solutions to the problems of school reform. CCSR encourages the use of research in policy action and improvement of practice, but does not argue for particular policies or programs. Rather, they help to build capacity for school reform by identifying what matters for student success and school improvement, creating critical indicators to chart progress, and conducting theory-driven evaluation to identify how programs and policies are working.

Matrix Knowledge Group

Founded in London over 20 years ago and now with an office in the US, Matrix Knowledge Group helps leaders address complex challenges via effective web-based performance management solutions, insight-generating data analysis, global evidence reviews, and results-focused strategic consulting. Matrix’s mission is to help make the world a better place through better informed decision-making.

Quill Research Associates, LLC

Quill Research Associates, LLC (QRA) is a woman-owned, small business that specializes in education research, evaluation, and policy analysis. QRA’s mission is to apply technical expertise to improve educational programs, policies, and outcomes. Clients include federal and state government and non-profit organizations. Founded in 2009, QRA's areas of expertise include K-12 school reform and education policy (with particular emphasis on secondary education), STEM, Special Education, Response-to-Intervention, and data driven decision making.