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New York
858,087 high school students

State Profile
As states work to raise their academic standards, several national high school reform initiatives are assisting them in their efforts to strengthen their high schools so that they provide students with a 21st century education and skills.

Through the profile provided here, the National High School Center offers (a) a snapshot of the state’s graduation requirements and college entrance requirements (see table below) and (b) summaries of national reform initiatives active in the state (see list below table).

High School and College Alignment in the State
The following table shows the state’s alignment between high school graduation requirements and minimum state college entrance requirements, providing a quick source for determining whether there is a gap between what students must know to graduate and what they are expected to have mastered in order to enter college.

  High School Graduation Requirements* College Admission Requirements**

English Units



Mathematics Units



Social Studies Units




American History (1), Government (.5), Economics (.5)

Science Units




1 life science, 1 physical science


Foreign Language Units



Art Units

visual, music, or performing arts


Additional Units

Health – .5
P.E. – 2
Electives – 3.5


Total Units




5 Regents Exams in Comprehensive English, Global History and Geography, United States History and Government, One (1) in Mathematics (Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Mathematics A* or Mathematics B*); and One (1) in Science.



New York State Education Department

State University of New York - Stoney Brook

* School districts may establish diploma requirements in addition to those required by Part 100 of the Commissioner’s Regulations.
** New York does not have statewide minimum admission requirements for its public universities and colleges. These admission requirements are for SUNY-Stony Brook

National High School Improvement Initiatives at Work in the State
As states work to ready high school students for postsecondary success, many are partnering with national organizations to undertake high school improvement efforts. The following list includes national improvement initiatives at work in the state. National initiatives are defined as significant programs, projects, technical assistance, or key information clearinghouses dedicated to high school improvement. For information about and related to research on these initiatives, please click on the name of the initiative to link to a synthesis:

New York State High School Improvement Initiatives
For information on high school improvement initiatives launched at the state level visit the New York State Education Department.

New York ARRA Information
For information on New York's ARRA efforts as it relates to education, please visit the state Web page.