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Midwest High School SIG Conference--Leading Successful High School Turnarounds: Learning from Research and Practice.

Conference Overview


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The Midwest High School SIG Conference is the third in a series of four conferences offered by a national network of content and regional comprehensive centers, which are funded by the U.S. Department of Education. This series is intended to help states, districts, and schools implement their School Improvement Grants (SIG) by learning and thinking about key topics — effective teachers and leaders, instruction and assessment, optimizing teaching and learning, and planning and sustainability — as they relate to high school improvement.

Participant Outcomes

  • Increase knowledge base about implementing research- and evidence-based practices for turning around low-performing high schools, including practical strategies and tools.
  • Build and strengthen supportive relationships that promote sharing among state, district, and school personnel working to implement high school turnaround initiatives through team and cross-cutting collaborations.
  • Gain a better understanding of challenges and solutions related to implementing, supporting, and sustaining high school turnaround initiatives.
  • Explore and develop strategies for implementing and sustaining high school reform efforts beyond the current SIG funding cycles.

High School Improvement Priorities

The conference presentations and discussions will be structured around the following high school improvement priorities to maximize attainment for all high school students:

  • Meeting the needs of each high school student (social and emotional learning, personalization, data-driven differentiation)
  • Preventing dropout and increasing graduation rates
  • Ensuring college and career readiness
  • Organizing for high school change (time, structures, staffing, and operations)