The California Collaborative’s primary activity is a series of meetings focused on important problems of practice faced by California districts, such as implementing the Common Core State Standards,  improving the quality and effectiveness of the teaching force, turning around their lowest-performing schools, or using assessment and other data effectively to guide instructional decision-making. Each meeting brings to bear research and practical knowledge relevant to the selected problem and is grounded in the concrete realities of a particular California district. By embedding the series of conversations in the context of specific California districts, the Collaborative supports leaders in those districts to reflect on and refine their strategies and serves to create a body of district exemplars from which other California districts may learn.

The links below provide access to materials used for specific meetings of Collaborative members that might be useful to others in the education reform community.

  • Briefing Book: The briefing book includes recent literature relevant to the discussion of each core meeting. On this page, you can find the cover letter that introduces the meeting, a citation and brief description of each piece of literature, and (when available) a link to its online location.
  • Meeting Summary: The meeting summary captures key themes that emerge from meeting dialogue.
  • Follow-Up: Dialogue that takes place within the Collaborative meetings sometimes inspires action that might extend the lessons learned to other district leaders or policymakers. When this happens, we have included the products of this action.

Collaborative Meeting Topics and Materials