Nancy Albarrán Co-Authors Commentary Stating School Start Times Should Remain a Local Decision

October 2019

Nancy Albarrán, superintendent of San Jose Unified School District, co-authored a commentary for EdSource with Chris Funk stating that school start times should remain a local decision. Some advocates and policymakers suggest starting school later for middle and high school students so they can get more sleep. However, Albarrán and Funk argue that setting school start and end times requires a balancing of many factors, which include not only the needs of the students, but the parents and staff as well, in addition to the financial impact on school districts. Both agree that well-rested teenagers are better and healthier students, but suggest that school start times are just one of several factors that contribute to adolescent sleep deprivation and that there should instead be a statewide campaign that communicates the value of sleep for adolescents.